2nd Queen's Award to CambridgeIC
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 Specialist sensor and chip developer CambridgeIC has won a second Queen’s Award for International Trade.


CambridgeIC’s continued strong performance has seen international sales grow by a factor of 5 in 4 years. This growth has been accompanied by a large increase in the diversity of customers around the world, and adds several blue chip corporations.

CambridgeIC develops world leading technology for the precise measurement of position inside machines. Customers buy processor chips from CambridgeIC, which connect to sensors inside their machines. Sensors comprise patterns of coils printed on a PCB. CambridgeIC has developed a wide range of standard PCB coil designs for contactless measurement of linear and angular position.

Today’s applications include surgical robots, automotive actuators, agricultural vehicles, surveillance cameras, cinema cameras, marine and submarine autonomous vehicles, cash machines, fitness machines, industrial valves, satellite communications, industrial printers, laboratory equipment and laser positioners. These all share a need for precise, cost effective and reliable measurement of position inside a machine, without wear or influence from dirt, dust, vibration or misalignment.

David Ely, a founder and Director of CambridgeIC comments “we are delighted to have been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise again. I would like to thank all of our employees, partners, customers and associates for their support. I would like to extend thanks to the many creative and insightful people who helped lay the foundations of CambridgeIC even before it was founded in 2007.”

Heidi Allen, Member of Parliament for South Cambridgeshire, comments "as second time winners of the Queens' Enterprise Award, CambridgeIC continues to power from strength to strength, flying the flag for British innovation and export. I am so proud to represent South Cambridgeshire, a constituency where exemplary high-tech businesses grow and flourish on the international stage. With growing demand for their highly specialist products, CambridgeIC's impressive growth has clearly caught the eye of Government. I offer them my warmest congratulations and have no doubt we will be hearing more success stories from them."

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21 April 2018

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