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Comtech making strategic alliance partner with Joulwatt Technology

Joulwatt Technology is a foreign-invested enterprise with high growth speed which is engaged in high micro-electronics technology and located at beautiful West Lake. Joulwatt contributes to researching power management chip and provides advanced, reliable and systematic solution and product service for users in power, communication and electric automobile industries. Main technical leaders have worked in integrated circuit design sector for more than 20 years and have rich experience in integrated circuit design, system integration, multi-industry cooperation and enterprise management. Joulwatt has four core product lines, including battery management, LED lighting, DC/DC converter and synchronous rectification.

The product line of battery management focuses on battery charging and discharging management and batteries protection, balancing and monitoring. It mainly applies to 1-4S serialization charging and discharging management (such as, tablet PC, two-in-one PC, Ultrabook, mobile POS machine and BT/WIFI loudspeaker box) and protection, balancing and monitoring chip of 3-16S serialization battery (such as, electric tools, household appliances, electric bicycles / balance cars, power batteries and energy storage batteries).

The product line of LED lighting mainly focuses on linearity, no stroboflash and low ripple. The product scheme involves simple circuit and some integrated BOM elements. Joulwatt solution of removing stroboflash has the following features: Remove 100/120HZ current ripple; adjust output current to match with the previous one; be free from additional inductance and capacitance and switching and EMI noise; restrain current spike in hot plugging of light.

The product line of DC/DC converter: It manufactures a series of 5V-60V application products. It is widely used in vehicle-mounted, security and monitoring, TV, net communication and STB / OTT fields. With independently researched and developed unique technologies, the product is more competitive in cost or performance as compared with the product of the same specification. China initiative LNB JW4005 with TSOT23-6 packaging is under volume production.

The product line of synchronous rectification: Joulwatt makes domestic initiative ideal diode which is massively used in mobile power adapter, multi-port USB power supply and extension socket. The product line manufactures a series of 45V-110V and 2.1A-4.8A products which meet various demands and cost the least money. It launches the latest JW7715 synchronous rectification controller which could adapt to most of primary side controllers and connect high-current output.

Joulwatt stays in fast growing period and is becoming domestic main supplier of power supply products. Comtech, a strategic alliance partner of Joulwatt, is maintaining all-around close cooperation with Joulwatt in net communication, TV-BOX, network player, network camera, toy drone, TV, home appliances, electric automobile, rapid charge and other fields which are promising with great market potential. 

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