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Comtech together with Allwinner Technology working to finish last kilometer to put AI into practice

Allwinner Technology is the leading design manufacturer for smart application processor SoC and smart analog chip. It mainly manufactures application processor for multi-core smart terminal and smart power management chip. With excellent research team and technology strength, Allwinner Technology takes leading position in the industry in terms of coding and decoding of high-definition video, multi-core integration of high-performance CPU/GPU, high integration density of advanced technologies and ultra-low power consumption. It is also one of the main global suppliers in tablet PC, high-definition video, mobile internet device and smart power management markets and fields. It sets up the headquarters in Zhuhai, China.

Allwinner Technology focuses on design of high-performance and low-power-consumption “SoC+” scheme and close cooperation with partners in the industry for a long term. It promotes application and popularization of AI and AI+ by integrating chip, algorithm and application into the system solution. Allwinner Technology works for years in AI field. Current difficulties in AI field are just advantages of Allwinner Technology. Allwinner Technology has complete SoC system, open SDK and HDK, attentive technical service and special visual processing engine in smart white goods, sound equipment, family care and other fields. It supports development on chip platform to combine chip and algorithm and to exert more value.

Kepler AI System made in IngDan Labs of Comtech is a solution which is developed based on R40 of Allwinner Technology and integrates smart voice input + AI + cloud, to facilitate small and medium-sized customers in participating in artificial-intelligent transformation. In respect of smart white goods, the system adopts R16 chip of Allwinner Technology and Slam algorithm, leads working mode of floor mopping robot from collision type to planning type and successfully applies to floor mopping robot manufactured by Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd.. Now it is under mass production. In respect of smart sound equipment, we have completed trial production by cooperating with major domestic and international internet companies (including, JD, Tencent, NetEase and other influential companies) and combining R16 smart sound equipment scheme of Allwinner Technology, and will manufacture a great number of products in August. 

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