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In the technical salon, Comtech discussed hot technical problems (like, in-depth learning, machine vision and picture processing, motor control and industrial internet of things) and talked about what they have gained from these applications. Zhoujia, Comtech’s engineer, brought the theme “Robot’s Eyes - Xilinx Machine Vision Technology, analyzed challenges in machine vision technology and gave software-hardware-combined solution. The solution is based on FPGA which enables real-time picture processing in highly parallel and lower power consumption manner. End-to-end design tools help to greatly reduce development difficulty and shorten launching period of products. Comtech together with its partners, including Xilinx, Beijing Weishirui, Guangzhou Hongke and Wuhan Jingfengweikong, brought an informative and excellent technical lecture covering control decision, guide positioning, visual image, power, execution and other key applications relevant to robots.

Demo demonstration equipment shown in the technical salon includes reVision demo, EagleGo, Motor control and Driver and Ethercat demo. Motor control and Driver greatly meets miniature requirement by combining control and servo, attracting audience on site. Various prototypes and demonstration equipment indicate that Comtech provides all-around technical service and product support for key cycles of robot development and production from chip to board level and from software tool to system application, and secures and protects development of robot industry. 

The robot technical salon is approved by clients and in the industry whether in terms of ample content, professional participants or various display devices. Comtech robot technical salon will later be held in other major cities. Please contact if there is any market demand.

The following shows topics of Shanghai robot salon:

Robot Brain - Technology Based on Deep Learning of ZYNQ and MPSOC.

Robot Guiding System - SLAM Technology

Robot’s Eyes - Xilinx Machine Vision Technology

Robot Power - ZYNQ-based Solution of Multiple-shaft Motor Control and Drive

Xilinx reVision Technology

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